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Petal Around The Rose

Posted by Raymond Bustamante on July 28, 2009

Petal Around The RosePetals Around the Rose is a lateral thinking mind game traditionally played with five dice.
It is played by computer program or with physical dice that are rolled by a Potentate of the Rose, a person who knows the secret of the game. For each roll of all dice, there is a single numerical solution. The players then attempt to arrive at this solution by inductive reasoning. If they do not, the Potentate of the Rose will tell it to them, and it is their task to figure out the solution for the next roll.
There are three rules:
1. The name of the game is “Petals Around the Rose”, and the name is significant.
2. The answer is always a nonnegative even number.
3. Anyone who knows the game may give the answer to any roll, but they must not disclose the reasoning.
Traditionally, the Potentate can only tell others these three rules, as well as the “answer” to each roll.
Click here to play the game.


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