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Fedora in VBox

Posted by Raymond Bustamante on August 11, 2009

FedoraI was finally able to install Fedora on my VBox.  I already had the ISO file (downloaded from here) for quite some time now, but was unable to install it properly.

I created the the VM by selecting Operating System: Linux, Version: Fedora, created an 8GB drive for it.  The boot up of the Live CD was a breeze but when I tried to install it to the drive itself, it always won’t continue, it hangs and the cursor won’t move anymore.  It was only today that I installed it using the Fedora 64bit setting for the Version  in VBox.  Only then did it finally installed properly.

I tried installing the VBoxLinuxAdditions but it won’t work.  I’m sleepy so I’ll continue next time.

So more updates to come.


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