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VBox Shared Folder

Posted by Raymond Bustamante on August 2, 2009

Virtual BoxI wanted to access some files located on my hard drive from within Ubuntu which resides inside VBox so I googled it.

Here are the steps:
Step 1: Make sure to have installed Guest Additions.  Click here for instructions.
Step 2: From the VirtualBox’s menu go to Devices>Shared Folders…
Step 3: A window will show up. In this window click the [+] button
Step 4: Select the path from your hard disc, then specify a name
Step 5: Click [OK], click [OK]

Now to actually mount these folders from Ubuntu. First create a mounpoint, that is, a directory in your Ubuntu which will reflect the shared folder from Windows

Step 6: Go to Terminal and type sudo mkdir /path
Note: path is the directory you want in Ubuntu.  Now mount the shared folder.
Step 7: Type sudo mount -t vboxsf folder-name /path
Note: folder-name is the name you specified earlier in VBox

How to test:
Step 1: Go to your host OS and open the directory
Step 2: Create or paste some files here
Step 3: Go to Ubuntu
Step 4: Click on Places>Computer then search until you get to the path you created earlier in Ubuntu

I tried pasting a large AVI movie in Windows Explorer to my shared folder, went back to Ubuntu, reloaded the shared folder there, and presto, the AVI movie was there.  I double-clicked it and out came the Movie Player: Totem ready to play the AVI movie.


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