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Ubuntu Screen Resolution

Posted by Raymond Bustamante on August 1, 2009

UbuntuOkay I was finally able to add more screen resolutions to my System>Preferences>Display.  It turns out when I was trying to reconfigure xorg.conf, I had no access.  Thanks to Dave Domingo for telling me that I need to have “root access”.  So does sudo mean execute as root?

So how to activate?
Step 1: Go to System>Administration>User and Groups
Step 2: Select “root” and click [Unlock]
Ubuntu User Settings
Step 3: Enter your password and click [Authenticate]

Okay, now once you have root access do the ff:
Step 1: Go to Applications>Accessories>Terminal
Step 2: Type sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf
Step 3: Look for the Section “Screen”, you will see something like this:

Section "Screen"
   Identifier	"Default Screen"
   Monitor	"Configured Monitor"
   Device	"Configured Video Device"

Step 4: Make it look something like this (added lines in green)

Section "Screen"
   Identifier	"Default Screen"
   Monitor	"Configured Monitor"
   Device	"Configured Video Device"
   DefaultDepth 16
   SubSection "Display"
      Depth   16
      Modes   "1280x1024" "1440x900" "1024x768"

Step 5: Save and Close.  Exit Terminal.
Step 6: Restart Ubuntu and Login
Step 7: Goto Systems>Preferences>Display and you should be able to select the added modes in the “Resolutions”

Next time, I’ll try to add a Guest Account.


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