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Vista Ultimate

Posted by Raymond Bustamante on July 19, 2009

Vista UltimateIn my last post, I told you guys that I was upgrading my PC.  We finished transferring PC components around 8PM last night.  There was a problem though, on hitting the “on” switch on the PC, it won’t start.  It turns out that the diagram included in the motherboard had its PIN designation up-side-down.  After figuring out that it was up-side-down and hooking up the small cables to the PIN for the “on” switch, it was up and running.  First boot was and hitting “DEL” showed that it recognized the CPU, memory and hard disk, hooray.

So next was installing the OS.  I figured that since I have a 640GB hard disk, I dedicated 140GB of it as my Primary and the remaining 500GB as my Data disk.  After installing the OS, motherboard drivers, video card drivers and running Windows update (more than 200MB), it was doing fine.  I run CPUZ to check my components (click the thumbnails below for a larger image *new window*).


CPUZ - motherboard

CPUZ - Memory

Next I installed all other softwares and transferred files (around 300GB of files, pictures, movies, installers, source codes).   Every now and then Windows had to reboot and install/update configurations here and there. More software installations to come, so ’till next time.

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